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What to look for when buying the best air compressor

Have you ever had a tire starting to lose air? You have likely had this happen to you at least once in your lifetime, and sadly it can be a living hell if you cannot find the right tool to perform this job. I know I would be screaming at the tire for going flat if it was me but one has to remember all you need is an air compressor. Then after your done filling that tire back up with air you can go back to singing some goofy song. There are many different reasons as to why someone would need to have one but what I am really here to tell you what in my opinion some of the best air compressors that are around.

When a human being needs to find the best air compressor for their need they need to look into many aspects of the air compressors features and read air compressor reviews on this website. One needs to look for the PSI rating, Air Tank Capacity, CFM Rating, Power Source, Accessories, Warranty, and Dolly Compatibility. If a user doesn’t have the ability to use a dolly it could make the machine impractical to move around and would be one glorified paperweight. A lot of it is personal preference as to whether you want to be feeding your compressor with oil or if you prefer to plug it in.

There are various types to fill your tires or anything else you could possibly need to fill. One of the best machines out there would have to be the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP air compressors. This unit features a 2.5 HP motor that can handle many everyday tasks which makes things run smooth like butter. This unit is very portable and has a decent amount of run-time with its 4.2 gallon dual-stack air tank. When one is looking at this machine the build quality of this machine is like the quality of a Buick. This machine can output 123 PSI of pressure for the most demanding tasks and has a fast tank recharge time. The machine noise is actually by far one of the quietest found due to the engine running at lower RPM’s. People who choose to buy this machine will save a significant amount of dough and not have to sacrifice quality in their purchasing decision. This product can run a variety of different tools such as impact wrenches, nailers, finish guns, and many other types of tools. One of the major drawback to this machine is during shipping many people have had damages in the unit or broken plastic motor covers.

So let’s say you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have access to a power outlet and are looking for a well-built air compressor that uses oil. Well there is that perfect machine out there for your heavy demanding tasks that is called the DeWalt D55151. This beautiful eye candy model comes in a very bright orange/yellow color and features a 2.5 HP motor and generates 14 amps of power. This one doesn’t output as much PSI as the Makita. This air product only has a 100 PSI but considering it also has a smaller 4 gallon tank. The DeWalt air compressor can handle up to three attachments at one time without any downgrade in performance. One advantage is that the DeWalt Company really stands by its product warranties.  This product is really good for home repairs and isn’t as loud as some units available on the market. The one thing that people should consider with this one is that it is limited to one air port, whereas many other machines have additional air ports.

When your suddenly are out of air in a tire, or if you’re in need of many household repairs finding the right air gun is essential to making your life easier. Majority of people would rather have an electric air compressor as there more reliable and provide less maintenance over an oil based air compressor. Users don’t have to fumble around with slippery oil and getting as dirty from mixing the oil with gas. The only advantage that oil based tanks is that you can use them virtually anywhere without having to worry about a power source. Oil based compressors also typically have more power than that of its electric companion. Though another advantage one has using oil air compressors is that there even cheaper than the ones that need the socket juice. The best air compressor can perform the everyday tasks that will boost the productivity in any task they need to do. If one has the need for one and doesn’t plan to move it around stick with the electric as it will make life easier. So next stop you are ready to burn that car tire cause it made you late for work, consider that alternative if you have that luxurious space.

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